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Here is a detailed analysis of NIMCET 2016 by Jitendra Mishra Academy (JMA), which will help you understand this year’s test paper from marking pattern to sectional attempts and difficulty level.


If this paper (NIMCET 2016) was solved direct by shortcut instead of long conventional method especially in Mathematics & Reasoning section, then the students would have easily solved NIMCET 2016 test paper with 100 to 110 question within the time limit & achieve better score. On the other hand, if the whole paper was solved by rigorous long method (especially Mathematics section & Reasoning Section), then the students would have fell short of time or the question known to them would have been left unattempted.

Exam Date 29th May, 2016
Total Number of Questions 120
Total Time 120 minutes
Number of Sections 4
Conducting Institute NIT Durgapur
Difficulty Level Medium
Participating NITs 11 NITs
Total Number of Seats 867
Date of Publication Result Monday, 6th June 2016

NIMCET-2016 test was conducted with only one question paper containing 120 multiple choice questions covering the following subjects.
1. Mathematics 50 questions
2. Analytical Ability & Logical Reasoning 40 questions
3. Computer Awareness 10 questions
4. General English 20 questions

Award of Marks
Each correctly answered question will carry FOUR marks and each wrongly answered question will lead to NEGATIVE ONE mark.

Qualifying Criteria for Allotment of Rank
A Candidate securing zero or negative marks either in Mathematics or Total Marks in NIMCET-2016 test will be disqualified.
Based on the marks obtained by a qualified candidate in NIMCET-2016 test, a rank will be allotted by adopting the following criteria.

  • The marks obtained in Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, Computer Awareness, English, will be multiplied by a factor of 3, 1½ , 2 and 1 respectively. Thus maximum weighted marks will be 1000.
  • Ranking will be based on total weighted marks obtained by a candidate. In case of a tie, it will be resolved based on weighted marks in Mathematics, then on weighted marks in Logical reasoning and then on weighted marks in Computer Awareness.
  • In case the tie is not resolved by the above criteria stated in the above paragraph, then it will be resolved by age i.e., in favour of elder candidate.

MATHEMATICS (50 Questions)
This Section Comprised of 50 Questions of which 90% questions were of easy level. 5 questions were of moderate level and a bit tricky. Questions from all the topics were asked on a fair basis. Questions could have been solved using shortcut tricks which could have saved time in this section and could have been utilized in the other sections.
100 percent accuracy could have been attained in this section in the first attempt itself.

Note : This section was very much easier compared to the previous year. (NIMCET – 2015)

This Section Comprised of 40 Questions out of which 8 Questions were based on Arithmetic and rest 32 were based on Reasoning.
22 questions out of 32 were based on puzzles and were easily approachable. Time management with accuracy in solving puzzles made this section scoring. Other questions based on reasoning were very easy. Questions based on quantitative aptitude were easily solvable using shortcut tricks and techniques. Overall this section was easy but could have taken up time if not solved with proper strategy and time management. 100 percent accuracy could have been attained in this section.

Note : This section was comparatively easier than asked in previous year (NIMCET – 2015).


This section comprised of 10 questions and were based on Number system, Binary Arithmetic, 2’s complement, Boolean Algebra, Logic Gates, K-map Memory and Storage devices. Numerical questions were asked based on storage devices. The questions were of moderate level and 8 to 10 questions could have solved in the first attempt with 100 percent accuracy.
Note : section was slightly difficult compared to the previous year (NIMCET – 2015)


ENGLISH (20 Questions)
This Section Comprised of 20 Questions. Difficulty level was moderate and a bit tricky. Majority of the topics like sentence completion, vocabulary test, idioms/phrases, active passive voice, reading comprehension were asked.
Out of 20, 7 Questions were based on Grammar ,9 questions were related to vocabulary usage and 4 questions were based on Reading comprehension. Questions based on vocabulary usage were a bit trickier and while questions based on grammar were very easy. More weightage of questions based on vocabulary made this section slightly difficult.
Overall, the section was moderate and 12 to 15 out of 20 questions could have been solved correctly.

Note : This section was slightly trickier thanthe previous year (NIMCET – 2015).

  • The NIMCET – 2016 score of majority students at Jitendra Mishra Academy (JMA), Indore is between (750 to 610).
  • Maximum number of shortcuts, tricks and techniques on all topics discussed in the classroom helped students to solve the NIMCET 2016 test paper within the time limit and score better marks.
  • More than 738 Test Papers (Daily Test – 212, Weekly Test – 100, Capsule Test – 14, Progressive Test – 12, Revision Test – 100, Final Test – 300+) with 70,000+ questions were conducted with 2 to 3 test a day which covered all pattern of NIMCET, JNU, BHU, BIT, ……. with all difficulty level.
  • More than 106 questions out of 120 asked in NIMCET – 2016 are based on JMA Test Series, JMA Study Material & JMA Class room lecture.
  • Speed, Accuracy, time management, Mind Management, Exam temperament, Paper Scanning, Allotment of the questions for 1st, 2nd & 3rd round and Time to time Personal Counseling were consistently practiced during the test series which helped students to get better score.