10 reasons why you should join JMA



About the institute :
At Jitendra Mishra Academy (JMA),the study environment is based on GURUKUL Pattern and follows the theme as stated in above shloka .Here the students are indulged in intense hard work which in turn results in Grand Success and transforms every student’s dream into reality.

Jitendra Mishra Academy is known as India’s No. 1 Institute for All India MCA Entrance Training as it has produced highest number of ALL INDIA RANK- 1 with maximum number of toppers in TOP 10 and TOP 100 and highest number of selections in top MCA entrance exams like NIT, JNU, BIT, VIT, IIT Roorkee, HCU, BHU, Pune, MP-MCA and many other top universities.

Along with studies, the principles of morality, spirituality are taught here which builds a motivating and enthusiastic culture. These teachings not only help the students to get selected for a top MCA institute but also enable them to fight the bad transitions of life with full spirit and help them to realize their responsibilities towards their parents, their society and most important their nation. Thus, JMA transforms their lives inculcating in them the principles of humanity thereby sustaining them to excel in the exam of LIFE with at par excellence.

why jma

1. Best Faculty in India :
The faculty is the backbone of any institute. At JMA, the Director Mr. Jitendra Mishra Sir is the only faculty who alone teaches all the subjects to all the students. He has earned 14 years of experience in the field of MCA Entrance preparation and has produced highest number of All India Toppers(AIR-1) with maximum number of toppers in Top 10 and Top 100 and highest number of selections in top MCA entrance exams. Also, he is extremely popular among the students as the best teacher for MCA Entrance, a great motivator-cum-mentor, and the man who could always produce great results. He was also given the name “The best teacher for SHORT-CUTS” by a lot of students. He has gained magnificent commanding over all sections Mathematics, Reasoning, Computer, English. Following the policy of ONE MAN ARMY, he himself teaches all the sections to all the students due to which he very efficiently pays individual attention to every student, identifies their strong and weak points in individual topics, makes them aware and helps them to get a good hold on their strong points and eliminate their weak sections from exam point of view.

Also, other teachers have mastery over only one topic an not over the complete syllabus. This is a BIG DRAWBACK as no teacher can teach from exam point of view if he can not solve all topics in the MCA Test. To understand the test requirements and teach accordingly, a teacher must be able to teach the entire syllabus and not just one topic.
Sir’s unique teaching technique is undoubtedly supreme and beyond comparison. He has taught thousands of students and many toppers have been produced by him. Due to this experience he has dealt with students of every type of caliber- strong,average, below average and hence understands every individual student’s psychology and prepares them from exam point of view so that they can get selected with best ranks.

2. Maximum number of shortcuts,tricks and techniques on All topics :

Have you ever imagined why toppers score such high marks ? Simple ! They don’t believe in solving by conventional methods. They solve questions by Prioritisation, Working backwards from options, Scanning and HUNDREDS OF SUCH TRICKS … which can be told only by experts having mastery over complete MCA syllabus and not by INEXPERIENCED TEACHERS or having mastery over only one topic.

At JMA, maximum number of shortcut, tricks and techniques on all topics are discussed in classroom by Jitendra Mishra Sir who has mastery over the complete MCA syllabus and has taught for past 12 years. Because of these shortcuts, tricks and techniques, students are able to solve the paper within time limit and get selected with top rank.
This is a significant reason that the highest number of selections in all the exams all over India are from JMA.

Can you take such a risk ??

3. Best Classroom Lecture

At JMA, all the topics are taught right from the basic level to top level by Jitendra Mishra Sir. He clears all the concepts in depth through different examples with detailed explanations. This enables even the weakest students to get a grip over the topic and find themselves strong. Classes are conducted all seven days in a week for Mathematics, Reasoning, Computer, English and after batch timings, the students can avail the facility of classroom study which gives them a competitive environment and helps them to revise their daily lectures and complete daily package of questions provided based on the topic taught.

Moreover, maximum short tricks and techniques, study pattern and time allocation for individual topics according to their weightage in exam pattern, strategies to manage time, improve speed, techniques to solve paper, eliminating the mistakes, how to improve the present rank in tests- are taught by Jitendra Mishra sir. This proper daily guidance during the class helps the students to achieve equal commanding in all the topics.

This is the only reason that not only students belonging to maths background but also to non- maths background get into top MCA college with best ranks in TOP 10 AND TOP 100. This is the biggest strength of JMA.

So, when you joinJitendra Mishra Academy,you are assured of the
BEST FACULTY and guidance available anywhere in INDIA.

4. The Best Test Series in INDIA :
Other vital strength of JMA is its highest number of result oriented TEST SERIES(more than 612+) in India. There are five types of tests: Daily Test (More than 200), Weekly Test (More than 100), Progressive Test(More than 12), Revision Test (More than 100), Final Test (More than 200) consisting in total of 612+ test papers covering more than 60,000 questions.

With such an enormous number of test papers, no pattern of question is left unpracticed or unseen by students at JMA before exams. These test series are designed by Jitendra Mishra Sir and 90-95 percent pattern of questions asked in top MCA entrance exams are based on all these test series. This is the significant reason behind the highest number of selections given by JITENDRA MISHRA ACADEMY (JMA) in TOP MCA ENTRANCE EXAMS.


5. Maximum personal attention.
We pay equal attention to all the students. From our experience, we have seen that any average student is never satisfied in a large group of students as he never gets a chance to ask questions, raise doubts etc. because of hesitation and fear. We will ensure that even an average student benefits as much from the classes as a very bright student.

Each student is equally important.

6. Best Infrastructure with Most Economical Facilities :

JMA, spread over an area of 15,000 sq. ft. provides excellent infrastructure for quality education.Commonly known as JMA HOUSE, it is centrally located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. It provides world class high tech classroom study facility even after batch timings and a very hygienic, competitive and disciplined atmosphere. Classrooms and the whole infrastructure is designed keeping in mind the requirements of students for better level of concentration. Fee structure and other facilities are economical compared to other classes which do not provide even half of what JMA plans to provide.

Would you like to be cheated by
“Less Quality, More Price” formula ?

7. Trust the experienced Persons.

Don’t risk your career by joining inexperienced
or teachers having mastery over a single subject or section but not over complete syllabus as they cannot guide you from exam point of view because one such mistake can result in a complete loss of one year. Trust the experts in the field having mastery over the complete syllabus. You must realize that one mistake in your exam can mean the difference between SELECTION and REJECTION. The competition is so tough that if you don’t know any particular shortcut, which is known to your friend / competitor, his chances of selection increase dramatically and vice versa.

Would you like to risk your entire life by joining

Inexperienced Teachers ?

8. Revision classes just before the exam.
This will help you a lot and keep the momentum going till the last stage. It is our experience that even the very bright students sometimes find that there is still a lot to know and improve at the last stage. Revision classes are designed keeping all this in mind.

9. Personal Counselling :
At JMA, one to one counselling is taken by Jitendra Mishra Sir time to time for every student at different stages so that he can identify each student’s individual strong and weak points thereby evaluating their performance. Moreover, he guides the students by making them implement the strategy for speed, accuracy, time management, mind management, elimination of mistakes and test paper solving skills.

Constant guidance, Motivation, Personal Counselling,
with previous year toppers Ensures 100 % success

10. Maximum number of All India Topper (AIR – 1) with Highest number of selection in India :
Every year JMA produces highest number of ALL INDIA RANK – 1 with maximum number of toppers in TOP 10 and TOP 100 and highest number of selections in All India MCA exams like NIT, JNU, BIT, VIT, IIT Roorkee, HCU, BHU, Pune, MP- MCA and many other top universities.

Our Result Statistics very well show the fact that maximum number of seats for top institutes like NIT TRICHY, NIT WARANGAL, NIT SURATHKAL, NIT Allahabad, NIT Bhopal, ……., JNU, BIT, VIT, HCU, BHU,MP -MCA and many other top University are captured by our determined JMAIANS.

Now you can see that JMA is ….
for MCA Entrance.
Come ………. Join JMA and

As shown by the Results statistics for previous years, In NIT (NIMCET), JNU, BIT,VIT …… the total number of selections have increased every year.

Consistent, Credible, Continuous Tradition of Toppers

Whatever you find here is going to be the best you can get anywhere in the country.
The effectiveness of our faculty, our material, our teaching methods and
Our systems can be seen by our results.

Wishing you all the best for your preparations !!
Jitendra Mishra
Director – JMA