NIMCET 2017 Solutions Set A with Question Paper NIMCET 2017 by Jitendra Mishra Academy (JMA), Indore (Best MCA Entrance Coaching in India) Top MCA Entrance Coaching in India, No. 1 MCA Entrance Coaching in India NIMCET 2017 Answers, Answerkey Set A, Set B, Set C, Set D with Question paper NIMCET 2017 & Detailed Analysis of NIMCET 2017 by Jitendra Mishra Academy (JMA), Indore (Best MCA Entrance Coaching in India) Top MCA Entrance Coaching in India, No. 1 MCA Entrance Coaching in India NIMCET - 2017 (SOLUTION) NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-001 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-002 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-003 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-004 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-005 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-006 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-007 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-008 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-009 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-010 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-011 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-012 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-013 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-014 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-015 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-016 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-017 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-018 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-019 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-020 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-021 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-022 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-023 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-024 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-025 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-026 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-027 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-028 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-029 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-030 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-031 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-032 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-033 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-034 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-035 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-036 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-037 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-038 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-039 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-040 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-041 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-042 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-043 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-044 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-045 NIMCET_2017_SOLUTION__(SET_-_A)-page-046
  • The NIMCET – 2017 score of majority students at Jitendra Mishra Academy (JMA), Indore is between (777 to 630).
  • 112 questions (Mathematics 49 out of 50 Q., Reasoning 38 out of 40 Q., Computer 10 out of 10 Q.& English 15 out of 20 Q.) out of 120 asked in NIMCET – 2017 are based on JMA Test Series, JMA Study Material & JMA Class room lecture.
  • Maximum number of shortcuts, tricks and techniques on all topics discussed in the classroom helped students to solve the NIMCET 2017 test paper within the time limit and score better marks.
  • More than 812 Test Papers (Daily Test – 212, Weekly Test – 100, Capsule Test - 14, Progressive Test – 12, Revision Test – 100, Final Test – 374+) with 77,000+ questions were conducted with 2 to 3 test a day which covered all pattern of NIMCET, JNU, BHU, BIT, ……. with all difficulty level.
  • Speed, Accuracy, time management, Mind Management, Exam temperament, Paper Scanning, Allotment of the questions for 1st, 2nd & 3rd round and Time to time Personal Counseling were consistently practiced during the test series which helped students to get better score.