NIMCET – 2019


Conducted by:- National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal
Mangalore – 575 025, Karnataka, India

Testdate : 26th May 2019 (Sunday)Timings : 10.00 to 12.00

Eligibility Criteria to Appear For NIMCET-2019

Indian Nationals securing at least 60% marks in aggregate or 6.5 CGPA on a 10-point scales (55% marks or 6.0 CGPA on a 10-point scale in case of SC/ ST) in
(i) B.Sc. / B.Sc. (Hons) / BCA / BIT / B.Voc. (Computer Science/ Computer Applications) of minimum
three years full-time from a recognized University with Mathematics/ Statistics as one of
the subjects
(ii) B.E./ B.Tech. from a recognized University
are eligible to appear for NIMCET-2019. Conversion of scored marks from CGPA to percentage and vice-versa is not permitted.
(CGPA other than 10-point scale will be converted to 10-point scale based on Unitary method)
Candidates who are appearing for the qualifying examination are also eligible to apply for NIMCET-2019 and such candidates shall have to furnish the proof (in the form of a certificate issued by the Head of
institution where the candidate has studied) of candidature for appearing in the examinations during the academic year 2019-20. All candidates shall submit the proof of fulfilling the eligibility criteria of
NIMCET- 2019 at the time of Counseling/Admission but not later than September 15, 2019, failing which their admission is liable to be cancelled by the respective NITs.
Note : Students who have completed/completing B.Sc./ B.Sc. (Hons)/BCA/ BIT of 3 years from Open Universities are also eligible to apply provided the programme is approved by UGC / AICTE and Distance Education Council (DEC) of Govt. of India.
The percentages of marks / CGPA in the qualifying degree are to be calculated on the basis of marks / grade points obtained in all the subjects studied in all the years including languages, optional and additional subjects studied, if any. The aggregate of marks / grade points secured in all the subjects in all the years computed using this method of calculation alone be considered by NIMCET-2019 for deciding the eligibility.

NIMCET Exam Pattern:
NIMCET-2019 test will be conducted with only one question paper containing 120 multiple choice questions covering the following subjects. Multiple Choice Questions will be written in English Language only and will not be translated into any other language.

1. Mathematics

50 questions

2. Analytical Ability & Logical Reasoning

40 questions

3. Computer Awareness

10 questions

4. General English

20 questions

Award of Marks

Each correctly answered question will carry FOUR marks and each wrongly answered question will lead to NEGATIVE ONE mark.
• The candidates are advised not to attempt such questions if they are not sure of the correct answer. No deduction from the total score will, however, be made if a question is unanswered.
• More than one answer indicated against a question will be negatively marked.
• The candidates have to mark the responses in the OMR sheet using black or blue ink ball point pen only.
Qualifying Criteria for Allotment of Rank

A Candidate securing zero or negative marks either in Mathematics or Total Marks in NIMCET-2019 test will be disqualified.
Based on the marks obtained by a qualified candidate in NIMCET-2019 test, a rank will be allotted by adopting the following criteria.

  • The marks obtained in Mathematics, Analytical Ability & Logical Reasoning, Computer Awareness, English, will be multiplied by a factor of 3, 1.5 , 2 and 1 respectively. Thus maximum weighted marks will be 1000.
  • Ranking will be based on total weighted marks obtained by a candidate.
  • In case of a tie, it will be resolved based on weighted marks in Mathematics, then on weighted marks in Analytical Ability & Logical reasoning and then on weighted marks in Computer Awareness
  • In case the tie is not resolved by the above criteria stated in the above paragraph, then it will be resolved by age i.e., in favour of elder candidate.
    Ranks secured by candidates in the NIMCET-2019 test will be made available in the website
    Rank Statement should be downloaded from the website. No separate RANK STATEMENT will be sent to the candidates.


1. MATHEMATICS: (50 questions)
Set Theory:
Concept of sets – Union, Intersection, Cardinality, Elementary counting; permutations and combinations.

Probability and Statistics:
Basic concepts of probability theory, Averages, Dependent and independent events, frequency distributions, measures of central tendencies and dispersions.

Algebra: Fundamental operations in algebra, expansions, factorization, simultaneous linear / quadratic equations, indices, logarithms, arithmetic, geometric and harmonic progressions, determinants and matrices.

Coordinate Geometry: Rectangular Cartesian coordinates, distance formulae, equation of a line, and intersection of lines, pair of straight lines, equations of a circle, parabola, ellipse, and hyperbola.

Calculus: Limit of functions, continuous function, differentiation of function, tangents and normals, simple examples of maxima and minima. Integration of functions by parts, by substitution and by partial fraction, definite integrals, applications of definite integrals to areas.

Vectors: Position vector, addition and subtraction of vectors, scalar and vector products and their applications to simple geometrical problems and mechanics.

Trigonometry:Simple identities, trigonometric equations properties of triangles, solution of triangles, heights and distances, general solutions of trigonometric equations.

The questions in this section will cover logical situation and questions based on the facts given in the passage.

3. COMPUTER AWARENESS: (10 questions)
Computer Basics:
Organization of a computer, Central Processing Unit (CPU), structure of instructions in CPU, input/output devices, computer memory, and back-up devices.

Data Representation:
Representation of characters, integers and fractions, binary and hexadecimal representations, binary arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, simple arithmetic and two’s complement arithmetic, floating point representation of numbers, Boolean algebra, truth tables, Venn diagrams.

4. GENERAL ENGLISH: (20 questions)
Questions in this section will be designed to test the candidates’ general understanding of the English language. There will be questions on the following topics: Comprehension, vocabulary, Basic English Grammar (like usage of correct forms of verbs, prepositions and articles), word power, synonyms and antonyms, meaning of words and phrases, technical writing.

Seat Matrix – MCA Seats In the Participating Institutes :

Seat Matrix 2019

Participating Institutions :

1. National Institute of Technology, Agartala
2. Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad
3. Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal
4. National Institute of Technology, Calicut
5. National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur
6. National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra
7. National Institute of Technology, Raipur
8. National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal
9. National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli (Trichy)
10. National Institute of Technology,Warangal

Test Centres and Centre Codes :


NOTE : This is the tentative list of test centers. If enough number of candidates do not opt for a particular centre that centre may be cancelled and then center chosen as the next choice will be allotted automatically.
However, in a situation where none of the three choices indicated by the candidate is available (which is unlikely to happen), one of the available centres that is geographically nearest to the first preference centre.


Eight Steps of Process of NIMCET-2019
The entire process that a candidate has to undergo consists of eight stages:

(i) Registration and Application through Online for the test: All the eligible candidates should first register in the website by entering the personal email-id and the personal mobile number between March 1, 2019 (from 10.00 am IST) and March 31, 2019 (until 5.00 pm IST). After submitting this information, an email will be sent to the mentioned email-id and the candidate will see a message accordingly on the webpage. The candidates must use only this email-id and the mobile number for all NIMCET-2019 correspondences.
Documents (Soft Copies) needed for completing the registration are:
• Soft copy of a recent passport size photograph (of size between 50 KB and 150 KB)
• Soft copy of the signature (in Royal Blue/ Black colour only) (of size between 50 KB and 150 KB)
• All the marks cards and the certificates (duly self attested and scanned) (max. size 500 KB each)
• A valid proof of Identity [preferably Aadhaar Card] Fill the application form carefully and submit the generated application form on or before March 31, 2019 (5.00 PM IST). Please see section 4 for details.

(ii) Writing NIMCET-2019 TEST : Eligible candidates can download their own Admit Cards from between May 13 and 24, 2019. In the event of any difficulty/ problem in downloading the Admit Card, the candidates should send an e-mail to or between May 13 and 24, 2019 giving details of the candidate’s application number and proof for the remittance of fee. Telephonic requests will not be entertained. Candidate must print the Admit Card on precision printers only such as Laser Printers (and not on Inkjet printers). Also, the candidate must preserve the Admit Card (used during the examination) till the entire process of admission is complete. Request for issue of duplicate Admit Card will not be entertained after the examination in any case.

(iii) The NIMCET-2019 test is scheduled to be conducted on May 26, 2019 (Sunday) between 10.00 AM and 12.00 Noon at various test centers listed in the section 9. Candidates should be present in the examination hall of the test center before 9.30 am on May 26, 2019. Syllabus and test pattern are given in the section 12 of this brochure.

(iv) Choice filling and locking: Candidates satisfying qualifying criteria (see section 13) will be awarded a Rank in NIMCET-2019 result. The results of the NIMCET-2019 test will be published tentatively on June 5, 2019. The successful candidates will get an email containing the link to the website where the candidate can download the Rank Card. The email also provides a new username (login) and password to the Choice Filling Website. Such candidates shall login first and reset the password of choice. After that the candidate can fill the choices of the participating institutes in the order of preference on any dates between June 9 and 13, 2019. They can also modify their choices (or) reorder the preferences any number of times before locking. It will not be possible to access their choices after locking. All the candidates must have to lock their choices on or before 5.00 PM (IST) on June 13, 2019. The choices of all candidates will be automatically locked by the server of NIMCET-2019 after 5.00 PM (IST) on June 13, 2019.

(v) Online Seat Allotment and personally reporting at any remote/participating institute : Candidates will be offered seats based on their choices in the order of NIMCET-2019 rank in three rounds of allotment. Candidates who are allotted seats in the first two rounds have to first login to the NIMCET-2019 website, pay the Initial fee of Rs.10,000/- online and take the Seat Allotment Letter. A candidate who is allotted a seat in the 1st round or the 2nd round MUST REPORT TO ANY OF THE PARTICIPATING INSTITUTES (REMOTE REPORTING) on the dates specified. Remote Reporting is permitted in the first round and the second round of allotments only. During this reporting, the candidate may either opt for an upgradation in the next round (Option-2) or accept the allotted seat (Option-1). However, before exercising one of these options, the candidate has to produce his/her original academic documents, proof of Date of Birth, caste and relevant certificates for verification and submit the proof of payment of the initial fee Rs.10,000/- (paid through NIMCET-2019 website at the time of obtaining the Seat Allotment Letter). The candidate exercising Option-1 will be issued a provisional admission letter and the candidate exercising Option-2 will be issued Upgradation Letter.
Note 1 : Candidate, who gets seat in first round of allotment and does not report at any reporting center between June 21 and 22, 2019, will not be considered for seat allotment in the subsequent rounds. Similarly, candidate who gets seat in the second round (but not in the first round) and does not report at any reporting center between July 4 and 5, 2019 will not be considered for seat allotment in the subsequent rounds of allotment.
Note 2 : If a candidate, who has exercised Option-2 (upgradation) in the first round of seat allotment, is allotted a seat in the second round of seat allotment, then the allotment done in the first round stands cancelled. If the candidate wishes to
(i) take the seat, he/ she must exercise Option-1 and take the Provisional Admission Letter.
(ii) be considered for upgradation in the next round, he/ she must necessarily exercise Option-2.
However, if such candidate fails to exercise either of the above options, then he/ she will be automatically considered eligible for the third round of allotment under Option-2 (Upgradation).

If a candidate is freshly allotted a seat in the second round of seat allotment, then he/ she has to take the Seat Allotment Letter from the NIMCET-2019 website (after paying the Initial Fee of Rs.10,000/- online). Then he/ she has to necessarily go to any one of the Remote Reporting Centres for the verification of the documents and exercising either Option-1 or Option-2.
Note 3 : About the 3rd round of seat allotment –
(i) If a candidate, who has exercised Option-2 in the previous round(s), is allotted a seat in the 3rd round, wishes to take the seat, will not have to pay any additional Initial Fee. Such candidate will get the Provisonal Admission Letter by logging in to the NIMCET-2019 website and choosing to take the seat and he/ she should report directly to the Institute allotted and get admitted by paying the remaining fees.
However, if such candidate wishes to be considered for the final round of seat allotment, he/ she should surrender his/ her allotted seat by logging into NIMCET-2019 website and choosing to surrender the seat. After surrendering the seat, he/ she will get the surrender letter, which he/ she has to save and print out.
(ii) If a candidate, who is freshly allotted a seat in the 3rd round, wishes to take the seat, then he/she should do so on the NIMCET-2019 website by first paying the Initial Fee of Rs.10,000/- online. After the fee payment, the candidate will get Provisional Admission Letter, which he/ she has to print out. The candidate must then report directly to the Institute allotted along with the Provisional Admission Letter, all the relevant original documents and get admitted by paying the remaining fees.
If such candidate wishes to surrender the seat, he/ she can do so by choosing the surrender option on the NIMCET-2019 website. After surrendering the seat, he/ she will get the surrender letter, which he/ she
has to save and print out.
If a candidate, who is allotted a seat in the 3rd round of seat allotment, neither takes the seat nor surrenders the seat during the given dates, then after July 16, 2019, it will be deemed that such candidate has surrendered the seat. Such candidate will, however, be eligible for the final round of seat allotment.

(vi) Getting Admitted into the Allotted Institute : AAfter the third round of allotment, all the allotted candidates (either in the first two rounds of allotment or in the third round of allotment) are required to physically present themselves at the latest allotted institute for admission between July 15 and 16, 2019 and attend the classes as per the Academic Calendar published by the respective NIT.

(vii) Surrendering of seats by the candidates : Candidate who got seat allotted/upgraded in any round(s), and does not wish to join the institute; but wishes to participate in the final round of allotment, must surrender the seat by logging into the NIMCET-2019 website between July 15 and 16, 2019 by filling up and submitting a prescribed application. At a later stage, such candidates will receive a refund of Rs. 9,000/- through online transfer into the respective account based on their bank account details entered in the prescribed application while surrendering.

(viii) Fresh Choice filling and final round of allotment : After third round of reporting, the vacant seats in all the participating NITs will be published in the NIMCET-2019 website on July 20, 2019. Candidates who have surrendered their seats and those candidates who were not allotted any seat in any of the first to the third round of seat allotment, only are eligible to fill up the fresh choices from July 21, 2019 to July 22, 2019 for the final round of seat allotment. The final round of seat allotment will be done on July 24, 2019.
(i) If the candidate who is allotted seat in the final round had surrendered the seat (allotted to him/ her in one of the previous rounds), then he/ she must login to the NIMCET-2019 website and choose to accept the seat allotted. He/ she will then get the Provisional Admission Letter which has to be printed out and taken to the allotted Institute along with the relevant original documents for admission on or before July 30, 2019 where he/ she has the pay the remaining fees and join the institute. If such candidate does not wish to take the seat allotted in the final round of seat allotment, he/ she must login to the NIMCET-2019 website on or before July 30, 2019 and surrender the seat allotted. At a later date, a refund of Rs.9,000/- shall be made through online bank transfer to the respective bank account based on the details submitted by the candidate while surrendering the seat.
(ii) If the candidate, who has got the seat freshly allotted in the final round of seat allotment, wishes to take the seat, must login to the NIMCET-2019 website and first make the payment of the Initial Fee of Rs.10,000/- online to take the Provisional Admission Letter. He/ she must report to the allotted institute along with the Provisional Admission Letter and all other relevant original documents on or before July 30, 2019 where he/ she has to pay the remaining fees and join the institute.

Web Enabled Online Application Form :
Eligible candidates as per section 2 are required to fill-in web enabled online application form from any place of their convenience. Candidates are required to register themselves in the NIMCET-2019 website by submitting their personal email-id and mobile number. An email will be sent to the personal email-id, wherein a web link will be provided for the registration process. By clicking on the link, the applicant is directed to the webpage where he/ she will first set the password and choose the security question and submit its answer. After this, the applicant will be directed to the application page. Candidates are not permitted to create multiple Ids. Any such attempts will be viewed seriously.

Username/ Login Id : This will be the personal email-id (as submitted by the candidate while registering)

Password : Password must be a string containing at least eight characters with at least one upper case alphabet, at least one lower case alphabet, atleast one number, at least one special character such as *, $, @, &,ˆ, -, =, +, /, etc.
For any further clarifications, the applicants may contact:

The Secretary,
Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences,
National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal
Srinivasnagar, Mangalore – 575025 Karnataka

Application Processing Fee through NIMCET-2019 website
The non-refundable Processing Fee for NIMCET-2019 test and counselling for admission to the MCA programme is Rs. 2,200/- for OPEN/OBC category and Rs. 1,100/- for SC/ST/PwD category candidates. Candidates have to deposit an appropriate amount relevant to their category.
Candidates are required to deposit the processing fee online through NIMCET 2019 website only.
Instructions for Filling the Online Application
1. The applicants first need to click the ‘‘New Registration” link to create new user account.
2. In the “New User Registration” webpage, the applicants need to fill all the fields properly.
3. Applicants need to ensure that valid e-mail-id and 10 digit mobile number have been entered in the respective places. [An email will be sent automatically to the given email-id, wherein a link will be provided to access the webpage to set your own password. (If the mail is not found in the regular folder, the candidate is advised to check even the “SPAM” folder, as the spam filters of some mail service
providers dump the first email from a new source to “SPAM” folder).]
4. Candidates must remember their E-mail id, password, Security Question (and its Answer) and Mobile number, entered in the application till the end of NIMCET-2019 process.
5. Candidates are not allowed to create multiple user logins.
6. Filling the Application Form : In the application form, the applicant should fill all the relevant personal and academic information (fields marked “Mandator ” should not be ignored), choose the three test centres in order of preference. Marks/ Grades should be entered as in their respective Marks/ Grades Sheets.
7. Documents upload : After filling in the Application Form, the applicant has to upload all the relevant documents such as the photograph, signature, proof of identity, proof of date of birth (SSLC/ 10th Marks Card), all other marks cards etc. and the Category/ Caste/ PwD certificate(s), whichever is applicable, (duly self attested and scanned).
8. Payment Gateway : After filling in the application form and uploading the relevant documents, the applicant shall go to the Payment Gateway and make the application fee payment , as  applicable.
9. Final printing/ saving of the completed Application Form : After the payment of the application fee is successfully done through the Payment Gateway, the page will show “ FINALLY SUBMIT” button. By clicking on this button, the applicant is lead to the webpage  containing the PDF version of the completed application form. It may be noted that this application form contains unique “APPLICATION REGISTRATION NUMBER”. This is the final version of the application. The applicant is advised to download a soft copy of this application and also keep a printed copy of the same. Please note the application number for all future references and correspondence.
6.1 Note
1. Check carefully the eligibility requirements (section 2 ) of NIMCET-2019 as stated in this Information Brochure.
2. Read carefully the instructions to fill in the online application form.
3. The application will be rejected if the requirements are not met.
4. OBC candidates have to satisfy both the caste and creamy layer requirements detailed on the following National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) website:
. Proforma for OBC certificate (issued on or after April 1, 2018) along with the undertaking given in Annexure-I is to be submitted (uploaded) while applying online. How ever, the original certificate
which is issued on or after April 1, 2019 by competent authority has to
be produced at the time of reporting and admission.
5. SC/ST category candidates and Persons with Disabilities (PwD) candidates should use the respective Proforma given in Annexure II and III.
7.  Scrutiny of Application Form and Issuance of Admit Card
For all eligible applicants, Admit Cards will be made available on the website, after scrutiny of their applications. Applicants will be required to download their Admit Card after
logging in to this website between May 13, 2019 and May 24, 2019. See section 3 (ii). The candidates shall have to produce the Admit Card at the Test Centre, Counselling Centre / Remote Reporting Centre and the Participating Institute at the time of admission.
Admit Cards will not be sent to the candidates individually by post.


Important Dates

Events Last Date [time*]
Publication of Advertisement in Press and Web Wednesday, 27/2/2019
Opening date for online Registration Friday, 1/3/2019 [10 am]
Last date for online submission of Application Form Sunday, 31/3/2019 [up to 5 pm]
Availability of Admit card on web for download Monday, 13/5/2019 to Friday, 24/5/2019
Date and Time of Examination Sunday, 26/5/2019 [Time: 10.00 am to 12
Date of Publication of Result (Tentative) Tentatively on or before Wednesday,
Choice filling
Sunday 9/6/2019 to Thursday 13/6/2019
[upto 5 pm]
First Round of Allotment Saturday, 15/6/2019
First round of Remote reporting in person in any of the
PartiĐipating NIT͛S
Friday 21/6/2019 to Saturday 22/6/2019
( Time 10 am to 5 pm)
Second round of Allotment/up gradation Friday, 28/6/2019.
Second round of Remote reporting in person (fresh allotees must report. And allotees whose seats are upgraded need to report
only if they wish to modify their option otherwise need not report)
Thursday, 4/7/2019 to Friday, 5/7/2019.
( Time 10 am to 5 pm)
Third round of allotment/upgradation Tuesday, 9/7/2019.
Third round of reporting in person at the allotted institute and Surrendering the allotted seats by those who do not wish to join
the allotted institute, but wish to participate in final round of
Monday, 15/7/2019 to Tuesday, 16/7/2019. (Time: 10 am to 5 pm)
Announcement of vacant seats Saturday, 20/7/2019
Fresh Choice Filling Sunday, 21/7/2019 to Monday, 22/7/2019
[ 5 pm]
Final round of allotment Wednesday, 24/7/2019
Final round of reporting at allotted institute On or before Tuesday, 30/7/2019

Note : If Time is unspecified, then contact the concerned participating institute.

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Note : If Time is unspecified, then contact the concerned participating institute.

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