NIMCET 2015 Solution with Answerkey Set A, Set B, Set C, Set D & Question Paper, Detailed Analysis

If this paper (NIMCET 2015) was solved direct by shortcut instead of long conventional method especially in Mathematics & Reasoning section, then the students would have easily solved NIMCET 2015 test paper with 100 to 115 question within the time limit & achieve better score. On the other hand, if the whole paper was solved by rigorous long method (especially Mathematics section), then the students would have fell short of time or the question known to them would have been left unattempted.

1.Maximum number of shortcuts, tricks and techniques on all topics discussed in the JMA classroom helped JMA students to solve the NIMCET – 2015 test paper within the time limit and score better marks.

2. The expected NIMCET – 2015 score of majority students at Jitendra Mishra Academy (JMA), Indore is between (742 to 610).

3. More than 612 Test Paper (Daily Test – 200, Weekly Test – 100, Progressive Test – 12, Revision Test – 100, Final Test – 200+) with 60,000+ questions were conducted with 2 to 3 test a day which covered all pattern of NIMCET, JNU, BHU, BIT, ……. with all difficulty level.

4. More than 103 questions out of 120 asked in NIMCET – 2015 are based on JMA Test Series, JMA Study Material & JMA Class room lecture.

NIMCET 2015 Answer Key (Set – A, Set – B, Set – C, Set – D)
with Complete Solution of NIMCET 2015 & Detailed Analysis NIMCET 2015 with Question Paper NIMCET 2015 Set C) by Jitendra Mishra Academy, Indore (Best MCA Entrance Coaching in India) Top MCA Entrance Coaching in India, No. 1 MCA Entrance Coaching in India

Conducting Institute : NIT AGARTALA
Date of Publication of Result (Tentative) : Wednesday, 10th June, 2015