Odisha Joint Entrance Examination-2018 (OJEE-2018)

Admission for Master of Computer Application (M.C.A) - 2018

Test Date:  13th May, 2018 (Sunday) Time : 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM

Eligibility Criteria : Candidates must have passed or appearing in 2018, the Bachelor’s Degree examination of minimum three years duration in any discipline from any University of Odisha or from a recognized University as defined by UGC and must have passed in Mathematics at 10+2 level or at Graduate Level. Business Mathematics at +2 level is not permitted for admission. The candidate should have obtained at least 50% (45% in c ase of candidate belonging to SC/ST category) in the qualifying examination.

If the candidate has passed BCA / BSc(IT/CS/IST/ITM) with mathematics as a subject, he/she may appear in the entrance test without Mathematics at 10+2 level. There is no age limit for admission to MCA course Syllabus : MATHEMATICS (60 Questions)

Logic: Statement, Negation, Implication, Converse, Contraposititve, Conjuction, Disjunction, Truth Table. Different methods of proof, Principle of Mathematical induction.

Algebra of sets: Set operation, Union, Intersection, Difference, Symmetric difference, Complement, Venn diagram, Cartesian product of sets, Relation and functions, Equivalence relation, Kinds of functions and their domain and range, Composite function, Inverse of a function.

Number system: Real numbers (algebraic and order properties, rational and irrational numbers),Absolute value, Triangle inequality, AM  GM, Inequalities(simple cases), Complex numbers, Algebra of complex numbers, Conjugate and square root of a complex number, Cube roots of unity, De Moivre’s theorem with simple application. Permutations and Combinations - simple applications, Binomial theorem for positive integral index, Identities involving binomial coefficients.

Determinants and matrices: Determinants of third order, Minors and cofactors, Properties of determinants, Matrices upto third order, Types of matrices, algebra of matrix, adjoint and inverse of matrix, Application of determinants and matrices to the solution of linear equations (in three unknowns).

Trigonometry: Compound angles, Multiple and Submultiple angles, Solution of trigonometric equations, Properties of triangles, Inverse circular function, Sum and product of sine and cosine functions.

Co-ordinate geometry of two dimensions: Straight lines, Pairs of straight lines, Circles, Equations of tangents and normals to a circle, Equations of parabola, Ellipse and hyperbola in simple forms, their tangents and normals. Condition of tangency. Rectangular and Conjugate hyperbolas.

Coordinate geometry of three dimensions: Distance and Division formulae, Direction cosines and direction ratios, Projection, Angle between two planes, Angle between a line and a plane. Distance of a point from a line and a plane. Equation of a sphere – general equation, Equation of sphere when end points of diameter are given.

Vectors: Fundamentals, Dot and cross product of two vectors, Scalar triple product and vector triple product, Simple application of different products.

Differential calculus: Concept of limit, Continuity of functions, Derivative of standard Algebraic and Transcendental functions, Derivative of composite functions, functions in parametric form, Implicit differentiation, Successive differentiation (simple cases), Leibnitz theorem, Partial differentiation, Application of Euler’s theorem, Derivative as a rate measure, Increasing and decreasing functions, Maxima and Minima, Indeterminate forms, Geometrical application of derivatives such as finding tangents and normals to plane curves.

Integral calculus: Standard methods of integration (substitution, by parts, by partial fraction, etc), Integration of rational, irrational functions and trigonometric functions. Definite integrals and properties of definite integrals, Areas under plane curves.

Differential equations: Definition, order, degree of a differential equation, Formation of a differential equation, Solution of a differential equations of the following types. (i) dy/dx = f(x) (ii) dy/dx = f(x) g(y) (iii) d2y/dx2 = f(x)

Probability and statistics: Average (mean, median and mode). Dispersion (standard deviation and variance), Definition of probability, Mutually exclusive events, Independent events, Compound events, Conditional probability, Addition theorem.

Number system: Decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal numbers and their conversion.


Introduction to Computer: Brief history of Computers, Components of a Computer, Computer related general knowledge, Application of Computers, Classification of Computers, Windows.

Computer Arithmetic: Number System with general base, Number base conversion, Elementary arithmetic operation.

C Language: Keywords, Constants, Variables, Identifiers, operators, statements. Writing simple C program.Arithmetic and logical expression, simple if, nested if, if-else-ladder, conditional operators, switch case, for, while and do while loops.Concept of functions in C.

List of OJEE-2018 Centres with Centre Code

Place of Centre


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IMPORTANT NOTES FOR THE APPLICANT 1. The candidates are required to apply only online as per the procedure detailed below. i) Candidates can apply for OJEE - 2018 only through “Online”. ii) Information Brochure , Syllabus and list of colleges can be downloaded from the  website www.ojee.nic.in/ iii) Online submission of Application Form may be made by accessing OJEE -2018 website www.odishajee.com. iv) Instructions for Online submission of Application Form are available in Information Brochure and on the website www.ojee.nic.in / www.odishajee.com. v) Candidates must follow the instructions strictly as given in the Information Brochure available on the website (www.ojee.nic.in/ www.odishajee.com. www.ojee.nic.in / www.odishajee.com). Candidates not complying with the instructions shall summarily be disqualified. vi) Candidates must retain the following documents with them as reference for future correspondence. (a) Printouts of the computer generated Confirmation Page of the Application Form. (b) Proof of fee payment. vii) The fee can be remitted through any of the following methods : (a) By Debit Card / credit card (VISA / MASTER / Maestro cards/ internet banking). OR (b) Remittance through e -Challan by deposit in OJEE -2018 Bank Account with State Bank of India (State Bank Collect).

2. The candidates should provide all the authentic details while filling up the online form. On submission of details, a Registration Number shall be generated.

3. Candidate has to fill the particulars online and also upload his/her photograph, full signature and thumb impression of left hand . Due to the above procedure, it is not necessary to send the hard copy of the application i.e. confirmation page to the OJEE office.

4. However, the candidates are advised to retain a hard copy of the application i.e. confirmation page along with proof of money transfer for future reference or correspondence, if any.

5. Applicant must quote the registration number / Application number generated after submission of all his/her required personal data as a reference in all his/her future correspondence with OJEE -2018.

6. Application must be completed in all respect. Incomplete / unsuccessful submission of application will lead to outright rejection. Completed application means: a. Completion of Registration. b. Uploading of scanned copy of phot ograph, signature and left hand thumb and c. payment of the required fee. d. Generation of Confirmation Page

7. Options such as Category, Choice of place of examination centre and Reservation & Sub- reservation category once given by the applicant in the application form, cannot be changed afterwards under any circumstances.

8. Applicant should give options only with respect to category S (State of Odisha), ZZ (Outside State of Odisha), RI (Non Resident Indian) and Reservation (SC,ST), sub-reservation type (PC or PwD/GC/WO/ES/TFW) that he/she can substantiate the same with documentary evidences during document verification/ counselling. There is no provision of up loading any proof of these categories during online submission.

9. Abbreviations used for different category/Sub-category of reservations: TABLE - 3

10. Candidates are allowed to submit only one application form. Multiple applications for a particular stream or in multiple streams of a candidate are liable to be rejected. After submission of an application, options cannot be changed at a later stage.

11. Application fee once paid is non- refundable.

12. Candidates may check the status of their application on OJEE -2018 website by giving the registration number / application number (Chosen User ID) and Password that is created during registration.

13. The cost of application is non- refundable.

14. Any dispute arising out of OJEE -2018 shall only be settled and decided under the jurisdiction of Hon’ble High Court of Odisha.

15. Applicant should not upload any document along with the application form to support his/her claim for reservation/category.

16. Claim for admission will be rejected if the candidate cannot submit the original certificates, mark sheets, other necessary documents at the time of document verification or if one has filled the form wrongly.

17. Admission may be cancelled at any time, if certificates/ mark sheets/ other documents are found to be forged or manipulated. A candidate will not be considered for admission if he/she fails to substantiate the claim with respect to reservation, category, nativity, date of birth, qualification etc.

18. Facility of submission of application form will be ceased at 05.00 PM on the last day of filling up online -application form submission. Hence, candidates are required to complete the process within the prescribed duration. Candidates can only pay application fee online till 4 to 5 days after last date of online-application, provided if the candidate completed form filling part.

PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN BELOW BEFORE SUBMITTING THE ON-LINE APPLICATION FORM : - Please Refer Section – 5 (a) You have to follow all the instructions in filling up the form and have gone through the important notes carefully. (b) You have to retain a printout of the CONFIRMATION PAGE. Once duly filled in application form was submitted, no further change will be entertained under any circumstances. tab MODE OF SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION FORM AND FEE DETAILS: - i) A candidate can apply for the Odisha Joint Entrance Examination (OJEE-2018) through on-line process only by visiting to the website www.ojee.nic.in / www.odishajee.com. ii) The information desired to be filled in the online application may be kept ready. iii) Before submission of application form, make the following preparations:

  • Decide the mode of payment of fee.
  • Through Debit Card / credit card (VISA/ MASTER/ Maestro cards/ internet banking)/ using on-line gateway payment facility.
  • Depositing with State Bank of India through e-challan, which can be obtained after filling on line application( State Bank collect).

(a) If decided to pay fee through Debit card/ credit card (VISA / MASTER / Maestro cards/ internet banking) check the validity of the Card and keep it ready with you while logging on to website for submitting application form and generation of Confirmation Page. Final print out of confirmation page will be available after 2 working days of fee payment. If you are facing any problem please contact JEE Cell. (b) If decided to pay fee in the off-line mode, choose the Bank for depositing the Fee through e-challan after completing on line application form fill up. There will be two copies of the e-challan:- (1) Bank Copy, (2) Candidate copy - all printed in a single page. (c) After Depositing Fee in the Bank by using e-challan, candidate has to log in again to take print out of the confirmation page. Final confirmation page can be printed after 2 working days of payment. If you are unable to print, please contact OJEE cell for a clarification.

Fee Details for submission of Application Form are as follows:
  • Cost of Application For MCA – Rs 1000/-.
  • The candidates must note that after submission of the application form it cannot be withdrawn. Claims for refund of application fee will not be entertained under any circumstances.
Important Dates :

Last date for fill-up of online Application forms.

20th March, 2018

Date of download of Admit Card begins from

20th April, 2018

Date of Examination

13th May, 2018 (Sunday)

Probable Date of Declaration of Result

1st week of June 2018

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